Who Else Wants a Profit Pulling Website Starting Today?

Silly question, right? Everyone wants to get more business. Yet, every day, I see businesses literally throwing away opportunities to make money with their sites.Why? They don’t fully understand the profit pulling potential of a successful website. Build it and they won’t come. In fact, it’s not uncommon for small business websites to have fewer than 1000 visitors a month, less than 500 even.If this sounds familiar, you have a huge untapped potential with your site.The 3 Most Common Problems I See on Sites:1–Chunky Blocks of Text- Think of the way you read online, do you read every word or do you scan? Your visitor is a busy person, don’t make it tough on her to find out what you have to offer by making it hard to read. If you do, she’ll click the “back” button.Use headlines and sub heads.

Use short sentences and short paragraphs. Don’t be afraid of white space. White space gives your eye a visual break and makes it easier to read.Profit Pulling Tip: Use headlines and sub heads to break up the text. Write with short sentences and use short paragraphs to fit the way people read online. 2–Not Optimized for Search – When your web developer asked you for keywords, where did you get yours?I frequently work with clients who made up their keywords based on what they thought made sense. It’s not a bad way to start.However, running your keywords through a keyword software tool like Wordtracker gives you the hard numbers of supply and demand. Then you can analyze them for the most profitable terms.Here’s an example, I was working with a business that represented moving professionals in a specific geographic area. They had terms like “moving” in their keyword meta tags. Which sounds perfectly reasonable, right? Except there are more than a 179,000,000 sites also trying to rank for the word “moving”. Some of them had to do with exercise.Once I did their keyword research, I uncovered phrases like “moving boxes and supplies” with 2131 searches per month and only 595 websites ranking for these words.I included this (and others) in a rewrite of their home page copy and within a few weeks they were showing up on Google’s home page and receiving calls.Profit Pulling Tip: You have to run your keyword terms through software and analyze the results to find the most profitable terms for your site.3-Not having a call to action-When your reader lands on your site and reads the page, what do you want her to do next? Pick up the phone and call you? Fill out a form? Download your special report? It’s up to the website writer to guide your reader to the next logical step. Does your website do that?

According to MarketingProfs.com, 3 of the most effective calls to action today are:1 – Watch demo
2 – Request a quote
3 – DownloadThese are effective because each asks the reader to take a specific next step and it identifies where they are in the buying cycle.Profit Pulling Tip: Review each page of your website. Do you have specific calls to action on each page? So, there you are, implement these 3 business boosting tips on your website and see your profits grow.